22 April 2015

L-Band Receiver To Be Incorporated Into Fox-1C and Fox-1D CubeSats:

[SatNews] AMSAT (Amateur Radio In Space) Vice President-Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY, has announced plans to incorporate an L-band receiver in the Fox-1C and Fox-1D satellites. This will allow ground controllers to select the normal U/V configuration or the new L/V 1.2 GHz (23 cm) mode. Both bands will operate as FM single channel. "Rather than adding a complete new receiver, the L band 'Project Downshifter' will convert the received L-band signal down to the Fox-1 uplink frequency and feed it to the UHF receiver on the Fox-1 satellite," Buxton said. "The design will not require an additional antenna on the satellite, because the existing UHF antenna will work for L-band receive as well." A new group of volunteers is working on a companion uplink station to convert UHF to the L-band uplink frequencies. Team members include Bruce Herrick, WW1M; Dan Hubert, VE9DAN; Elizabeth Schenk, KC1AXX; Dave Smith, W6TE, and Alfred Watts, AF5VH. The team plans to have an affordable L-band uplink ground station available to amateurs by the time Fox-1C is on orbit.

from eHam.net News http://www.eham.net/articles/34441 http://www.eham.net/
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